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VesselHomePort is your one stop shop for specialized marine vessels

VHP doesn’t just offer vessels, they provide a diverse fleet specifically designed to tackle a wide range of maritime projects. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of vessels you can find in their repertoire:

Multicats: These workhorses of the sea are known for their versatility. They can handle towing, anchor handling, cargo transportation, and even offshore wind farm support. Their maneuverability makes them ideal for tasks in tight spaces or near sensitive environments.

Shoalbusters: As the name suggests, shoalbusters are built to navigate shallow waters. They are perfect for dredging operations, channel maintenance, and cable laying in areas where traditional vessels might run aground.

Diving Support Vessels: These specialized platforms provide a safe and stable base for commercial diving operations. Often equipped with decompression chambers, winches, and advanced communication systems, they ensure the safety and efficiency of divers working underwater.

Survey Vessels: Equipped with cutting-edge sonar and mapping technology, survey vessels are used to gather critical data about the seabed. This information is vital for tasks like pipeline routing, platform installation, and offshore resource exploration.

Barges and Jack-Up Barges: VHP might also offer traditional barges for simple cargo transportation. Additionally, jack-up barges provide a stable platform for maintenance work on offshore structures. Their hydraulic legs elevate the barge hull above the water, creating a safe and dry workspace.

Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs): This broad category encompasses a variety of vessels that provide logistical support to offshore oil and gas operations. These can include platform supply vessels, crew transfer vessels, and standby safety vessels, each playing a crucial role in keeping offshore projects running smoothly.

By offering such a comprehensive range of specialized vessels, VHP can cater to a wide array of marine projects. Their fleet ensures they have the right tool for the job, maximizing efficiency and safety for your next maritime endeavor