VesselHomePort goes beyond just vessels and offers a complementary range of onshore/offshore equipment and subsea equipment to tackle your project needs from start to finish. This means they can provide the essential tools you need to perform various works at sea or on the shore. Here are some examples of the equipment you might have a need for :

Winches: These powerful machines are used for pulling, lifting, and lowering equipment and materials. On offshore projects, winches might be used for deploying anchors, tensioning cables, or lifting equipment onto platforms.

Tensioners: These specialized winches maintain constant tension on wires or ropes. This is crucial for operations like mooring, towing, and pipeline installation, ensuring everything stays securely in place.

Carousels: Imagine a giant rotating spool. That’s essentially a carousel. They are used for storing, deploying, and retrieving long underwater cables or pipes. They are particularly useful for operations where controlled and precise movement of these cables is required.

ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles): These uncrewed underwater vehicles are like underwater robots. Equipped with cameras, sensors, and manipulators, they can be operated remotely to perform tasks like inspections, surveys, and subsea repairs at great depths.

And More… The list doesn’t end there. VHP might also offer a variety of other specialized equipment depending on their area of expertise. This could include things like hydraulic power units, subsea tooling, and saturation diving systems.

By providing this comprehensive range of equipment alongside their vessels, VHP positions itself as a one-stop shop for your marine projects. They can equip you with the necessary tools to ensure efficient and safe operations above and below the surface.

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